Marionette Appointments, Political Payoffs or Cronyisms? Part 1 of 3

To The Editor:
Marionette: A small figure of a person operated from above with strings from a puppeteer.

What we will have with the next appointment being made by the County Legislative majority caucus?

In the past few weeks a very fine gentleman has stepped down from the board of the county’s IDA.

Mr. Don Kunzwiler has stepped down. He has served us proudly for more than 20 years. He is a Democrat from the city of Fulton.

He didn’t serve as a Democrat, he served as a taxpayer from the city of Fulton.

Your political affiliation is checked at the door when you become a member of a board working for the betterment of your county.

That is just what Mr. Don Kunzwiler (or Coach as I have always called him) did.

To replace him on a board that he so proudly served by what appears to be a Marionette is a travesty.

The process to appoint a replacement should come from the person leaving not a majority caucus that only serves as Marionettes to the Puppet Master.

The Marionette that appears to be the chosen person is also an appointed Department Head for the city of Oswego and also an appointed chairman of the EDP Committee for Oswego County.

Both positions vote on the acceptance of PILOT agreements.

This will seem to ensure that the Puppet Master has assured his family-owned business will be top dog to receive future PILOT agreements from both the city and the county.

The next board member of the County IDA should have no strings attached.

Let Mr. Kunzwiler pick his replacement not the Puppet Master and his Marionettes.

The mentioned appointment won’t be done until the December meeting of the County Legislative body.

Call your County Legislator and tell him or her to do what is best for the county not the Puppet Master.

Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr. – D – 25th District


  1. There is a process in pace when a member steps down. It is uncanny how Democrats either refuse to accept the results of elections, or follow rules which are currently in place.
    You want another process? Get elected, and change the current one. Name calling, and bitterness just assures that won’t happen.

  2. Taxed: The election process has nothing to do with this letter. It’s about what makes people sick about politicians and how it’s not what you know but who you bow down to that matters. Get elected you say…I guess you missed the part where I signed the letter with my name and title. I took an oath of Office upon my election 5 yrs ago to serve the People of this County not a political party like so many others did. I also swore that I would give the public transparency in the county government This isn’t name calling it is Labeling people the way they should be labeled. It’s called transparency in Government. People always ask How need that happen. THis is an ans. to that question.Truth in packaging it’s a law for food products and it should be one for Politicians also. I can’t believe you label me as a Democrat, and then say name calling won’t get you elected. That is just what our President did to get elected. I only labeled people and did just what he said he was going to do by draining the swamp. We have a big one here in Oswego County.

  3. One of the things which people hate most about politicians is the childish name calling. I refer to you as a Democrat, as that is your party affiliation. You refer to fellow politicians as “Puppets” and “Marionettes” your words.
    That is childish.
    You are complaining how a fellow member is being replaced after stepping down. You are wanting him to choose his own replacement, which is not part of the process in place. Again, childish.
    My only point to you, is if you do not like that process, then work hard as an elected official to convince others to change it with cogent arguments.
    Simply calling people names, and complaining does not further your argument.

  4. Frank, owning a tinfoil hat does not entitle you to make up facts. You so eloquently wrote: “The Marionette that appears to be the chosen person is also an appointed Department Head for the city of Oswego and also an appointed chairman of the EDP Committee for Oswego County. Both positions vote on the acceptance of PILOT agreements.”

    The candidate the IDA chose is not a department head at the City he is an employee and has no vote on any PILOT agreements. Neither does the chairman of the County’s Economic Development Committee. These assertions are simply false.

    In my opinion, the IDA made a very logical appointment to offer a candidate who will enhance the collaboration and communication between the County, City and the IDA because of the positions that he holds. I appreciate the fact that he is willing to serve in this important volunteer position along with the other members of the IDA who each volunteer their time in their ongoing efforts to bring economic development and prosperity to Oswego County.

    Last, your insinuation that there is some sort of “political payoffs or cronyism” involved are not only absurd they are an insult to all the good people involved and I believe you owe them all an apology.

    Though we’ve come to expect this sort of nonsense from you on the legislature it is exactly why so few take you seriously anymore.

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