Maritime Museum to host New Haven town historian

The H. Lee White Maritime Museum is pleased to host New Haven town historian, Marie Strong, who will present the first history lecture of the year on Saturday at 1:30 p.m.

Strong will be speaking about prominent New Haven resident, Elizabeth Shepard. The lecture is free and open to the public.

Elizabeth Shepard was born in New Haven, November 6, 1830, and lived on a farm with her parents.

Elizabeth developed a passion for astronomy. Elizabeth’s son, C. Sidney Shepard, had an observatory tower built on the estate for her pleasure.

In 1956, the telescope was donated to SUNY Oswego where it was housed in a retractable observatory near Romney Field parking lot until 2013. The old observatory is scheduled to be torn down sometime in the near future.

The telescope is currently on display in Pontiac Hall in the museum’s main building.

March is Women’s History month and in recognition of Elizabeth Shepard‘s contributions to her community,  Strong will discuss Elizabeth’s life.

Strong was born in New Haven.

Former historian, Nancy Searles, mentored her for 23 years. In 2004, she became the town historian for New Haven.

Strong’s father sang with Mr. Shepard in the singing group Quartet, similar to a barbershop quartet. He was employed to maintain the family’s fleet of automobiles.

Her three brothers looked after the Shepard Estate after Elizabeth’s death.

John Rusho, adjunct professor at SUNY Oswego Department of Physics, will be on hand to discuss this type of telescope. Rusho has maintained the telescope for the last several years.

The H. Lee White Maritime Museum is located at the end of the West First Street Pier, in Oswego’s Historic Maritime District.

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