Maxwell Trial Update: Prosecution Rests, Lynn Maxwell Testifies

Lynn Maxwell began a  lengthy testimony tonight.  She contradicts many of the  prosecution’s witnesses, even saying that one witness who said he was at a bonfire at the Maxwell homecould not havebeen there.

Full coverage in the morning.

The prosecution in the case  of Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell rested its case a little before 8:30 pm tonight.

The Maxwells are charged with endagnering the life  of Erin Maxwell, their 11 year old daughter and stepdaughter, who died on August 29th last year.  Stepbrother Alan Jones is charged with her murder.

The elast two witnesses were Hillary McIntyre, treasurer of the Oswego County SPCA, and Joe Fiumara, Palermo’s code enforcement officer.

McIntyre testified that 63 cats were taken from the home on August  31 and another 63 in the weeks leading up to the first week in October.  There was confusion over whether 63 or 43 cats were taken the first day.  McIntyre maintained that the SPCA’s own records say 63, contradicting a receipt signed by the State Police that day and given to the SPCA.

Fiumara testified that during a 7 minute visit to the home on the 29th, he found the conditions violated a state code about habitable homes.

Deense laswyer Sal Lanza argued for all four counts to be thrown out after the prosecution rested, but the  judge denied his motion.

Defense witnesses are starting now.  More later…