Mayor Barlow Announces Winning Projects For $545,000 Downtown Improvement Fund 

OSWEGO – Mayor Billy Barlow announced today (October 11) the winning projects selected for the city of Oswego Downtown Improvement Fund, part of Oswego’s $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative grant secured in 2016.
The $545,000 Downtown Improvement Fund project combines individual renovation projects carried out by existing, small business owners in downtown Oswego.
The Red Sun was one of the business to receive funds for Building Restoration/Expansion/Conversion Projects
The Red Sun was one of the business to receive funds for Building Restoration/Expansion/Conversion Projects

There are three types of improvements: Exterior improvements to facades and business signage; interior improvements to ground floor retail and commercial spaces; and renovation of vacant upper floors into high-quality housing.

The improvements will create a substantial impact in the downtown.
“The Downtown Improvement Fund was designed to give our existing small business owners an opportunity to apply for grant funding assistance to help with façade projects, building renovations, vacant space conversions or business expansion opportunities. The DRI mainly focused on large, multi-million-dollar economic development projects but we wanted to also make sure our small business owners had an opportunity to apply for funding as well,” said Mayor Barlow.  “The projects receiving funding are well thought out, quality projects that support our small business owners and is consistent with our broader downtown revitalization plans.  These projects will foster additional growth through our downtown and collectively will help push our downtown revitalization efforts forward,” Barlow said.
The $545,000 DIF was separated into three different project categories including building renovation and expansion projects, façade restoration projects and small sign and outdoor programming projects.
The 20 awarded recipients include:
Building Restoration/Expansion/Conversion Projects
The Red Sun Roasting Company – 209 W. First St. – $80,000
Adirondack Therapy – 198 W. First St. – $80,000
Former 1850 House – 75-79 E. Bridge St. – $60,000
Man in the Moon – 192 W. First St. – $54,102
The Sting – 49-63 W. Bridge St. – $50,000
The Brown-Davis Building – 215-217 W. First St. – $50,000
Storefront Façade Restoration Projects
Cindy’s Wagging Tails – 114-116 W. First St. – $27,000
The Lighthouse Tavern – 77 E. Second St. – $25,000
The Oswego Bagelry – 205 W. First St. – $20,700
Wayne’s Drug Store – 196 W. First St – $20,000
Wonzone Calzone – 118 W. Second St. – $19,800
Bistro197 – 197 W. First St. – $11,750
Signage and Outdoor Programming Projects
Heagerty’s Hot Spot – 200-202 W. First St. – $9,400
The Office Tavern – 11 W. Seneca St. – $8,376
Maria’s Family Restaurant – 111 W. Second St. – $8,150
Canal Commons – 191-201 W. First St. – $7,000
Riverside Artisans – 191 W. First St. – $6,653
Southern Fare – 68 W. First St. – $3,500
Maida’s Floral Shop – 215 W. First St. – $3,500
Port City Copy Center – 37 E. First St. – $1,145
The winning projects were selected by the DIF Scoring Committee consisting of Director of Economic Development Justin Rudgick, Deputy Director Tim Stahl, Third Ward Councilor Kevin Hill, Director of the Oswego-Fulton Chamber of Commerce Katie Toomey, and owner of the River’s End Bookstore Bill Reilly.
The Downtown Improvement Fund Committee received 41 applications for funding consideration with a grant request totaling $1.658 million.
The 20 winning projects selected to  receive allocations are expected to leverage an additional $1.2 million in private investment and are consistent with the comprehensive downtown revitalization initiative outlined in the original City of Oswego Downtown Revitalization Initiative application.