Mayor Barlow Appoints Nathan Emmons as Director of Economic Development

OSWEGO – Mayor Billy Barlow has appointed Nathan Emmons as the new Director of Economic Development for the city of Oswego, tasked with securing grant funding and administering the over $40 million of grant funding secured since Mayor Barlow took office in 2016.

Emmons was previously appointed by Barlow in January 2018 as director of the city of Oswego’s Section 8 Rental Assistant program where the two worked to overhaul and reform the city of Oswego’s housing program by raising the minimum housing standards, established a priority ranking system to benefit those with or seeking employment, opened a workforce development “Inspire” center to assist clients, among several other changes.

Emmons currently serves as a County Legislator representing District 15 and spent two years on the Oswego Commmn Council.

Emmons, along with his wife, Lisa, own and operate two businesses, Mother Earth Baby and Curious Kidz, occupying storefronts in downtown Oswego.

Emmons has previously served as interim executive director of the Greater Oswego-Fulton Chamber of Commerce and Associate Dean of Students at SUNY Oswego.

“Nathan Emmons is fully prepared and qualified to head our Economic Development Office as we continue our transformation of the city of Oswego. He’s done a phenomenal job re-vamping our Section 8 Rental Assistance office, has the private sector experience as an owner of multiple small businesses and will surely carry our community forward as we develop our downtown, capitalize on our waterfront and improve our community,” said Mayor Barlow. “The next few years will be an extremely busy time, in terms of development, for the city of Oswego as we continue our downtown economic development projects and plan to use our secured funding to build along our waterfront. I look forward to working with Mr. Emmons to ensure our projects come to fruition and we realize the full benefits to our community.”

Emmons said, “I thank Mayor Barlow for having the confidence in me to take on such a tremendous opportunity. We accomplished great things as a team with the Rental Assistance Program and I am ready to get to work with the great staff in the Economic Development Office to move forward the many projects that are already in progress in addition to seeking out additional grant opportunities to assist Mayor Barlow in achieving his goals for the city.”

Emmons holds a Master’s Degree in Higher Education from Syracuse University and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from St. Lawrence University.