Memorial Brick Walkway at Mount Adnah Cemetery Established

FULTON, NY – The Mount Adnah Preservation Foundation has established a memorial brick walkway at the site of the Case Memorial Chapel in Mount Adnah Cemetery located on East Broadway.

Over the past several years, more than 160 inscribed memorial bricks have been placed in the walkway and there is room for several hundred more.

The public is invited to purchase memorial bricks for installation in this walkway, whether your loved one is buried in Mount Adnah Cemetery or elsewhere.

Each brick may contain a total of eighteen characters and spaces on each of three lines.

The foundation has been adding plantings to the garden at the Case Memorial Chapel site and there is a bench at the site for the public to use as a place for reflection and remembrance.

You are invited to visit the site while at the cemetery.

For further information about the Memorial Bricks, please contact Brian Guyer at 315-592-2523.

Deadline for ordering bricks for installation for Memorial Day 2012 is May 15.