Memorial Bricks Available in Mount Adnah Memorial Walkway

FU:TON – The Mount Adnah Preservation Foundation, Inc., constructed a Memorial Brick Walkway at the site of the former Case Memorial Chapel in Mount Adnah Cemetery in 2009.

There are now more than 295 inscribed bricks located in this memorial walkway, with room for several hundred more.

A memorial brick, installed in this walkway, is a loving way to remember and pay tribute to your loved ones, whether buried in Mount Adnah Cemetery or elsewhere.

Each brick may contain a maximum of 18 characters and spaces on each of three lines.

The walkway begins at the walkway leading to the former Case Chapel site and continues to the memorial bench at the east end of the site.

Flower boxes line the walkway and the plants are attended to by members of the Mount Adnah Preservation board of directors.

Visitors are welcome to visit this special area in the cemetery and sit for a time on the memorial bench.

Memorial bricks ordered prior to November 1 will be installed prior to Veterans’ Day 2018, and orders received after November 1 will be installed prior to Memorial Day 2019.

For brick order forms or more information, please contact Brian Guyer at 315-592-2523 or [email protected]