Minetto Project Aids The World

MINETTO – Women of the Minetto area gathered several times this fall to cut out and sew dresses and shorts from pillow cases for distribution to children around the world.

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Helping others.

The project, headed by the Nurture and Care Team of the Minetto United Methodist Church, brings together an ecumenical group to work on this important mission project.

A total of 100 dresses and 52 pairs of shorts were sewn and will be sent to Africa.

Pictured in the photo seated from left are: Toni Chiarilla, Cindy Mather, Sheila Seeley, Marie Smith and Wynnett Dohse.

Standing from left are Chris Schwanke, Linda McFall, Jeanette Heath, Deb Henderson, Janet Weldin, Linda Farden, Karen Lupa and Jean Niver.

Absent when the picture was taken were Donna Reed, Joanne Fadden Horrell, Sara Cole, Marilyn Stephens, Beverly Pomeroy, Jean Rushford, Cathy VanPatten, Mary Cipra, Gloria Bickel, Nancy Prarie, Karen Poole and Ellie Sereno.