Model train show chugs into Fulton

By Christine Peets, Staff Intern
FULTON, NY – Pulling into the platforms just in time for the holidays, the Oswego Valley Railroad Association’s 32nd annual Holiday Express model train show.

A 1950s inspired railway scene.
A 1950s inspired railway scene.

Located at the Fulton War Memorial, everything train related could be enjoyed here over the weekend. From antique model locomotives traveling through scenic backdrops, to steam blowers, Lego trains, Thomas the Train and memorabilia, the Holiday Express was sure to impress.

The collection of trains on display in the showroom was brought by the members of the Oswego Valley Railroad Club. It is safe to say that since the club was established in 1982, the collection of model trains and memorabilia keeps growing.

“There is well over 1,800 train videos, couple hundred more DVDs, 3,000 train books and probably over a hundred feet of railroad magazines,” a club member said.

The showroom was divided in two main layouts featuring gauges of all types. Gauges are the width of the tracks. Only trains that fit the track will run on it.  Some stages featured trains traveling through pine trees, mountains and farmlands, while others avoid deadly tornados and fire-breathing dragons.

A view of the showroom floor.
A view of the showroom floor.

A children’s play table was set up on the showroom floor.

Children and parents took on the roles of conductors and landscapers to create their own working railroads.

To complete their creations, children made their own sound effects such as “choo-chooing” and fake explosions.

“I have been doing this about 25 years and sometimes it’s more fun to watch the parents than it is the kids…It’s a fun day out for family,” a volunteer and model train enthusiast said about the show.

If the Holiday Express leaves you wanting more, the Polar Express is coming up on Nov. 22 through Dec. 22.  Act fast, because tickets are selling quickly.

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High-speed locomotive
High-speed locomotive.