Negligent Property Owners Beware

OSWEGO, NY – Recent changes in the law means higher fees charged to negligent property owners.

The Common Council approved a resolution on June 22 that amends Chapter 249 (Vacant and Occupied Property Maintenance) of the City of Oswego Code, providing for a substantially larger surcharge in the event that the city intervenes to remove garbage, debris, mow the lawn, remove snow from the sidewalk and similar maintenance activities.

A new fee schedule has been introduced.

Services costing up to $99 will incur a $100 surcharge.

Services costing up to $199 will incur a $150 surcharge.

Services costing up to $299 will incur a $200 surcharge and those costing greater than $300 will incur a $250 surcharge.

“We hope that the much higher fees will send a message to irresponsible property owners that the city is serious about maintaining the neighborhoods,” Code Enforcement Director Neal Smith said. “Under the previous law, we charged 10 percent on top of the cost of the service meaning that a $30 lawn mowing task resulted in a bill to the owner of $33. Now, the fee for same task will be $130.”

Property owners who have questions regarding the changes in the code should contact the Department of Code Enforcement at 342-8265.


  1. Another desperate attempt for city of Oswego officials to fill city coffers off the backs of the very few taxpayers left in this HUD town. They better start finding cuts and quit worrying about how to figure out how to screw property owners.

  2. I wish Fulton would do that. You should see the trash pits in that town and yet property taxes go up reguardless.

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