Fulton Block Builders announce 189, 2024 Awards

FULTON – Fulton Block Builders (FBB) notified 189 property owners in 22 Blocks of their 2024 Awards. “This is truly another milestone for the FBB and the entire community of Fulton. FBB started in 2017 and to date, 1385 awards have been made. What’s more is that there has been a 4-million-dollar investment by residents in their properties. I’m sure we’ll see more exciting work this year” said Tina Eusepi, FBB Director.

On June 5th awardees and supporters came together at a Kickoff dinner at River Visa Event Center in Fulton. What an inspirational night we had at dinner. As we have come to expect, River Vista provided beautiful and delicious setting and food, the place was packed with 2024 awardees and we were encouraged to make Fulton the City of OUR Future by guest speakers Mayor Rice, Councilman Chapman, Chamber president Sara Broadwell, FSB president Pam Caraccioli and Shineman CEO, Chena Tucker.

The Fulton Block Builder project is dedicated to revitalizing our neighborhoods one block at a time. The core feature of this approach is to build on strengths rather than just fix weaknesses. Property owners working together in one block builds community and generates confidence.  Pride is what comes through when mailboxes and house numbers shine, when lawns are mowed, snow is shoveled, and leaves are raked. Pride comes through washed windows, fresh coats of paint, holiday lighting and landscaped yards. Pride is the name of the game. It is the essence of stability which in turn is the backbone of good schools, a strong tax base, a vibrant civic and cultural life, and a thriving downtown.

Now that the awards have been made for 2024, ANY Block in the city can begin organizing for 2025. There are Target Zones but that is a starting point ALL Blocks in the city can apply for a Block Grant and FBB Ambassadors are ready to help. Call (315) 529-9181 to learn HOW or find more information at: https://www.fultonblockbuilders.com/ or on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pg/fultonblockbuilders/posts/?ref=page_internal

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