National Abolition Hall Of Fame And Museum Announces Black History Month February 2023 Program Lineup

Photo from National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum.

Peterboro NY – The National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum (NAHOF) announces the programs for the third Black History Matters video series which will be released at midnight each day of February 2023 and is free to watch on

Feb 1: Race Relations & The Cincinnati Riot of 1829
Feb 2: Legacy of Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Feb 3: Slavery by Another Name: The Convict Lease System
Feb 4: Moving West: The Exodusters Movement
Feb 5: Tuskegee Institute & The “Civilizing Mission”
Feb 6: Crimes Against Humanity & “An Open Letter to His Serene Majesty Le?opold II” Feb 7: Niagara Movement & the NAACP
Feb 8: National Urban League and NYC Tennents
Feb 9: Buchanan v. Warley and Housing Segregation
Feb10: Rosenwald schools
Feb11: Scottsboro Boys
Feb12: Tuskegee Airmen of WWII
Feb13: Durham Manifesto
Feb14: Congress of Racial Equality
Feb15: Port Chicago Mutiny
Feb16: Smith v. Allwright and Voting Suppression
Feb17: Journey of Reconciliation
Feb18: Executive Order 9981: Desegregating the Armed Forces.
Feb19: Sweatt v. Painter: Separate and Not Equal
Feb20: McKissick v. Carmichael: Integrating Higher Education
Feb21: Katzenbach v. McClung: Desegregating Dining
Feb22: Moynihan Report
Feb23: Baldwin vs. Buckley and the American Dream
Feb24: 1968 Kerner Commission
Feb25: Swann v. Charlotte: Reinforcing Desegregation in Schools
Feb26: Wilmington Ten
Feb27: Bakke Decision and Affirmative Action
Feb28: Shaw v. Reno: Race and Redistricting

The mission of the National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum (NAHOF) is to honor antislavery abolitionists, their work to end slavery, and the legacy of that struggle, and strive to complete the second, and ongoing abolition – the moral conviction to end racism. NAHOF believes that, by understanding history, the present may be better understood. Black History Matters highlights lesser known American history.

For more information:
National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum,
PO Box 55, 5255 Pleasant Valley Road, Peterboro NY 13134, [email protected]

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