Nine Mile Unit 1 Operating at Full Power

OSWEGO, NY – Operators returned Nine Mile Point Unit 1 to full power on April 14, successfully completing a planned refueling outage that began March 16.

While the unit was offline, skilled technicians replaced nearly one-third of the reactor’s fuel and completed thousands of inspections and maintenance activities to keep the unit running safely and effectively for another two-year operating cycle. Most of this work could not be performed while the unit was online.

Nine Mile Point’s biennial refueling outages for each unit bring an additional 1,300 highly trained technical workers to Oswego County every spring.

Many come back year after year to patronize area hotels, restaurants and businesses.

The influx of outage workers helps support local businesses at a time when tourism is traditionally reduced.

Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station is located seven miles northeast of Oswego and 50 miles north of Syracuse.

The station can produce more than 1,937 megawatts of carbon-free electricity – enough to power more than one million homes.