Noah Pauldine and Brooklyn Saternow Shine in ‘Fairytale Courtroom’

OSWEGO – When the lights go up on the Frances Marion Brown Stage, the audience will be sitting in the middle of the Fairytale Courtroom.

And to their great delight, they will be able to witness the trial of the Big Bad Wolf and the Wicked Witch of the West.

Noah Pauldine

Now as everyone knows, these two characters have a reputation of doing not nice things to children of all ages for the past few hundreds of years.

But now the hand of justice (and look for it in the play) will render a mighty blow (no pun intended) and the BBW and the WWOTW will finally have their day in court to prove their innocence.

And to their great surprise and consternation, the courtroom will be filled with witnesses from the Brother Grimm’s legacy to share their individual stories to the jury.

And the jury will be you!

As far as we are concerned there is no better young actor to play the juicy part of the BBW than Noah Pauldine himself (you might not recognize him in costume).

Noah is a veteran of the FMB Theater having played in “A Christmas Story” last year, and “Safe Haven” this summer.

He is a Junior in high school and has been doing theater for about four years.

He will tell you that he has played soccer for six years, flag football for two and baseball for three years.

Brooklyn Saternow

He is currently studying karate, volunteers at Fort Ontario and at The Good Guys Barber Shop.

Now how is that for a busy schedule?

Brooklyn Saternow will be skillfully playing that nasty dog hater, the Wicked Witch.

She admits that it has been a while since she was on stage with the OP.

She was only 5 years old when she played Zuzu in “A wonderful Life” a number of years ago for the Oswego Players.

Brooklyn is a busy young dancer now who is just back from dancing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

She was chosen out of hundreds of young dancers to perform in the parade.

Brooklyn is a 7th grader at Oswego Middle School and carries a GPA of 98.6.

She has been dancing for 10 years and is enrolled at Tawn Marie’s Dance Centre.

And while she will not be dancing in this part, she sure will be acting her heart out trying to convince the jury of her good deeds.

Now if you feel, as we do, that the time is ripe for some justice to be shown to these two notoriously mean, nasty, villainous, loathsome individuals, come join in the fun when the trial gets under way this weekend and next December 6 – 15.

And for the price of a ticket you get to be part of the jury to seal the fate of these two colorful fairytale characters for good.

Tickets are still available, but going fast, online at: or by calling the box office at 315-372-8657.