Now The Rest of The Story!

To The Editor:
Recently you may have read that the 2020 tentative budget for Oswego County showed no increase in taxes and no money coming out of the fund balance.

Well what the story doesn’t tell you is that in the budget is a 3% raise for all Legislators and also raises for all department heads and other elected officials (county clerk, Sheriff, District Attorney and Treasure).

Most raises were in the 3% range but some were as high as $23,000.
Raises to the rank and file are a given and should always be honored.

How much of a raise did the federal governmrnt give to all the retired senior citizens?

How often do you hear your fellow taxpayers complaining about the state and federal elected officials giving themselves a raise?

Well it starts right here in your own back yard.

If those raises were taken out of the 2020 budget it would be almost $500,000 in savings that could be passed on to the taxpayers in a reduction of their taxes.

Now that could mean a 1/2 % to 1% reduction. In 5 years those raises will costs the taxpayer $2,500,000.

It is the duty of the legislative body to pass on to the taxpayers any and all savings possible.

It is not their duty to vote themselves a raise and their department heads and other elected officials.

Call your Oswego County Legislator and tell him “Give me the money.”

Now you know the rest of the story!

Frank Castiglia Jr. Oswego County Legislator 25th District

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  1. Frank…man im gonna miss you…when you leave i think im outta here also…this stuff is crazy and getting worse…

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