Education no good today

Dear Editor,
I regret that I ever went to college. Education is useless in today’s world.
There is little to no prosecution of white-collar crime, or blue-collar crime for that matter. Both pay much better than book learning, honesty and hard work.
Meanwhile, the hot civil war between Republicans and Democrats announced recently by the Heritage Foundation is just about to get underway, and I’m totally unprepared. After graduating from high school, I should have just gone out and bought a bunch of guns instead of spending a lot of time in the university library.
Worse yet, I’m an Independent. I don’t know which party I dislike more. The Republican party won’t allow the wealthy to pay a dime more in taxes while the middle class and working poor sink deeper into poverty. The Democrat party is pursuing a religious war against Muslim civilians in Gaza and is opening a clear pathway to a wider regional war. I’m for religious freedom, not a medieval-style crusade to support Jewish dominance over the entire Muslim Middle East.


Kimball Shinkoskey

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