Jordan Brooks report Fact or Fiction!

The 29 page Jordan Brooks report was handed out at the June 13th Legislative meeting.

I raised my hand and spoke, “I haven’t had time to read this report but I am very skeptical of it” the representative said is there a question there, “ I said no just a comment”.

I made that remark for the following reasons:

This was a law firm specializing in Criminal Defense investigating. Also they were hired by the County, well if you hire someone to defend your actions or inactions, do you really think they will uncover anything but what you want them to find.

They found no mishandling of Jordan Brooks by the county CPS or DSS departments or it’s Director…Surprise, Surprise!

This investigation should have been performed by the State’s Attorney Generals’ office. We pay a lot of State taxes we should get something for our money. This should not have been performed by a private firm bought and paid for by the municipality it was paid to investigate. Little controlling and conflicting?

So do I accept the report as fact or fiction?

As fiction!

Oswego County Legislator 25th District

Frank Castiglia Jr.

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