NY Politicians’ Must Prioritize Cost of Living over Climate Mandates

To The Editor,

As an elected official, it is my job to advance the interests of the 33,000 people I represent in the Town of Salina. When a policy blatantly hurts the hardworking people of my community, I advocate against it.

I simply cannot wrap my head around the proposal by New York State politicians to roll back common sense consumer protections for natural gas hookups! The “100 foot rule” currently on the chopping block in Albany ensures that consumers who are a reasonable distance from a gas main are provided with a free hookup.

This is not the first time that special interests in our State Government have sacrificed everyday New Yorkers’ cost of living in favor of overreaching climate policy. At the same time Albany considers slashing funding for rural schools, local districts are being mandated to purchase expensive electric school buses and build infrastructure needed to support them.

As our Central New York region is projecting population growth from the Micron project, Albany is banning gas infrastructure in the new homes starting as soon as 2026. And let’s not ignore the fact that these downstate politicians aren’t mandating it for the skyscrapers in the big apple…they’re sticking the burden squarely on us Upstate by giving an exception to any buildings taller than 7 stories!

This State Government is not just out of touch with our community, they are adversarial to our community. As your next State Senator in District 50, I will fight hard to restore our voice in Albany and fight for the common sense kitchen table issues that matter.

Together We Win,

Nick Paro
Town of Salina Supervisor
Candidate for State Senate

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