Oswego City School District Conducting Family Engagement Survey

OSWEGO – The Oswego City School District is conducting a Family Engagement Survey in order to assess the current functioning of the district, from the perspective of families who have children in the the schools.

PLS Associates, Inc., based in Florida and New York, is conducting the online survey that is now available on the district’s website at www.oswego.org

The survey is password protected and entitled “Oswego City Schools Family Survey 2015.”

According to Dr. Dean Goewey, Oswego City School District assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, the data gathered from the survey will be provided to the school district for analysis, planning and discussion purposes.

“The data will guide our planning and decision making,” said Dr. Goewey. “We ask that all of our parents complete this online survey.”

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes, and families should click the correct button for the school their child(ren) attends.

If a family has a child(ren) in more than one school they can re-enter the survey and take it for each school they have child(ren) attending.

The survey consists of rating scale questions and commentary sections.

If there is no commentary that families would like to share, they can simply enter “none” or skip the question.

If there are questions that families feel they do not have have enough information to rate, they can use the “No Answer” response button.

The survey will close on April 3.

If there are any questions, families can contact the district office or their child(ren)’s school.