Oswego Councilors Eye Anti-Graffiti Project For College Freshmen

OSWEGO, NY – In-coming freshmen at SUNY Oswego will paint the town this fall – well, parts of it at least.

This week, the Physical Services Committee OK’d a request from SUNY Oswego’s Center for Service Learning and Community Service for approval of a volunteer student project.

They would like to paint over graffiti along the east and west linear parks.

It is a project that will benefit the city as a whole by getting rid of some of the graffiti, he explained.

They’d like to institute the program for the first year students; to get them involved in community service to benefit the city, according to Alyssa Amyotte, coordinator for the Center for Service Learning and Community Service.

The freshmen come to campus earlier than other students, she noted.

She would like to begin the project over the weekend of Aug. 29 – 30.

“The sooner graffiti gets covered, the more likely it is not to return,” committee chair Connie Cosemento (D-First Ward) pointed out.

“They want to do it as part of opening week activities,” Amyotte said. “The students do a lot of other activities as well.”

The Oswego Arts Collaborative has contacted her and may want to enhance the areas the students clean up, she added.

“They’re very interested in doing some sort of project,” she said.

“Even though you both might be considering some of the same space, that’s separate project,” Cosemento said. “To paint over graffiti and return space to its former status is wonderful community project.”

“We feel this is a great way to orient our newest students to Oswego, getting them out into the community early on while at the same time providing a needed service,” Amyotte said.