Oswego County Clerk’s Office Accepts Electronically Recorded Land Records

OSWEGO – Beginning Feb. 1, the Oswego County Clerk’s Office will accept electronically-recorded land record documents through e-recording service providers, County Clerk Michael C. Backus said today (Jan. 27).

County residents and businesses have the ability to record their documents electronically through eRecording Partners Network (EPN), Corporation Service Company (CSC), and Simplifile, three of the country’s largest e-recording service providers.

“E-recording saves customers a trip to the mailbox or the County Clerk’s Office, and allows them to scan and upload their documents securely online and submit them through any of the three e-recording service providers,” said Backus. “Documents that are rejected or in need of some revision are quickly sent back to the submitter so that changes can be made.  Overall, e-recording will save submitters both time and money, and will streamline the recording process.”

Backus noted that e-recording is not mandatory, and documents submitted by mail or in person will still be accepted.

“E-recording will allow the Oswego County Clerk’s Office to continue to provide the highest level customer service possible and make the recording process quicker, easier, and more effective,” he said.

The e-recording service providers may be accessed through their websites at www.simplifile.com, www.erecordingpartners.net, or www.cscglobal.com

Those with questions concerning e-recordings should contact the Oswego County Clerk’s Office at 315-349-8621.