Oswego County DMV Offices Resume Regular Services

OSWEGO – Oswego County Clerk Michael C. Backus thanked members of the public for their patience during a recent period of limited window service at the three DMV offices in Oswego County.

Due to a spike in auto sales around Memorial Day, the three DMV offices had to temporarily limit window service in order to process paperwork.

The dealer transactions increased sharply over a 3-month period from March through May over the previous year.

Backus said the staff was able to catch up over the past several weeks and has returned to regular service.

“We received 1,624 more transactions than in 2014 in those same three months,” said Backus. “Our priority is to make sure each transaction is processed in a timely manner and that we continue to operate a net profit for Oswego County. As always, we appreciate the public’s patience while we got caught up. I want to personally thank our DMV staff across the county for their hard work during this very busy summer season.”

For more information call or visit an Oswego County DMV office at the following locations: 200 N. Second St., Fulton, phone 591-9136; 384 E. River Road, Oswego, phone 349-8300; and Broad Street, Pulaski, phone 298-6521.