Oswego County Humane Society seeks help renaming event where mutts strut with humans for fun

Dear Readers,
We need your help, well really your collective creativity.

As you know, for several years we have held our annual “Strut Your Mutt” dog walk/run event on the same weekend as the Barn Cat Boogie (formerly the Fur Ball) and it has always been our favorite event.

But this year, so far, we have to call it the “No Name” Dog Walk/Run and here’s why.

We were notified last year, just days before the event, that Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, a very large Utah based organization with a national following, has held a trademark on the phrase “Strut Your Mutt” since 2002.

We were informed, politely but firmly, that we are not allowed to use the phrase for our event, or any permutation of it, under any conditions.

So there!

Whatever you might think of the ethics of a well-funded national animal welfare organization obtaining and rigorously enforcing a trademark on a clever and useful phrase that has been used (and effectively shared) by many animal welfare organizations for years, there is no question that what they did is perfectly legal.

There is also no question that Best Friends Animal Sanctuary does great work for animals – we are just annoyed about this one thing.

So, anyway, the upshot is that we need a new name for our event.

And we have been wracking our brains for weeks to no avail.

The name needs to convey that dogs are involved, that walking and/or running are involved, and that it’s supposed to be fun.

Sort of the way “S___t Your M___t” does but different.

Can you help us with new ideas?

Put your thinking caps on.

Email your suggestions to our office at [email protected]

Maybe we can come up with a prize for the best suggestion – maybe a framed photo of Porky and Buddy, something like that.

Certainly, we will be forever grateful and will give you full credit when we can stop calling our most fun event of the year (other than the Barn Car Boogie) the “No Name” Dog Walk/Run.

There are no rules for this contest, no entry fees, no judging criteria, no disclaimers, except, (obviously) that by submitting an idea you are allowing us to use it.

Let’s turn an annoyance into a great new idea – which we will happily share!

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