Oswego County Humane Society’s Pet of The Week




Melinda is not quite two years old, but, as you can see, she still likes to do  stupid kitten stuff like get in boxes to check them out.

She loves to watch the birds in her foster home, sort of like having her own personal Nature Channel.

And more than anything she likes to play with other cats in her foster home, jumping and wrestling and chasing them around.

When she’s done with that she’ll come and get you to pet her or she’ll snuggle up in bed with you or your toddler or your teenager.

She’s an all purpose pretty girl who would shine in a home of her own.

If you’d like more information about Melinda, please call our office at 315-207-1070 or email [email protected]

She is spayed and up to date with shots and you don’t have to run out and buy her fancy cat toys.

You must have some old boxes hanging around for her to play with.


  1. THANK you for posting this photo. We have six cats (and one dog) already, but what a better way to get a family member than someone who already exits. We did this with our child (adoption), and over 20 pets in our married life (25?). At any rate, hope she finds just the right home (an inside one would be the best).

  2. She also likes mop buckets. She’s in one right now. Fortunately for her, there was no water in it. I love my Miss Melinda.

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