Oswego County Legislators Adopt a Smaller Budget

Submitted by Oswego County
OSWEGO – On Dec. 10 the Oswego County Legislature adopted a budget for 2016 that is $2.1 million less than 2015’s budget.

The 2016 adopted budget contains $194,733,416 in appropriations, with $45,917,944 raised through the property tax levy.

County Legislature Chairman Kevin Gardner (District 13, New Haven) said the actual tax rate paid by property owners varies depending on their municipality’s assessed property value, equalization rates, and local costs for state-mandated workers’ compensation and community college chargeback rates.

Although the generic tax rate of $7.70 per thousand dollars of assessed value is up about 2.8 percent from 2015, taxpayers in 14 municipalities will see their combined tax rate decrease.

“The legislature, department heads and administration worked hard to develop a spending plan that demonstrates the county’s commitment to cost-containment, budget management, multi-year planning, and careful use of fund balance and reserves,” said Legislature Chairman Gardner.  “Our goal is to get to the point where we don’t need to use any savings to balance the budget.”

State-mandated programs continue to be the most significant factor affecting Oswego County finances.

More than 80 percent of the entire county budget pays for state and federal mandates such as Medicaid and public assistance.

Medicaid by itself is over $23 million of the $46 million property tax levy.

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  1. “Medicaid by itself is over $23 million of the $46 million property tax levy.” First, yes, there are people who are truly deserving of Medicaid benefits. But, time and time again, it’s a way of life for so many residents of this County, especially the younger generation, who have little, or no work ethic. The hard-working middle class, and senior citizen population fund the majority of this “entitlement”, which has plenty of incentives to get Medicaid, but little or no incentives to get off Medicaid, and it’s sister programs. We need more oversight from N.Y.State, to reduce the abuse of this program.

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