Oswego County Legislature Elects Its Leaders For 2015

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego County Legislature got its house in order for 2015, and it looks quite similar to 2014.

Kevin Gardner was re-elected as the chairman of the Oswego County Legislature.

Fellow Republican Linda Lockwood was re-elected vice chairman.

Wendy Falls was unanimously re-elected at clerk of the legislature.

The Republicans named Shane Broadwell as majority leader.

Milferd Potter was reappointed majority whip for 2015.

Things stayed the same on the other side of the aisle with Mike Kunzwiler, of Oswego, and Doug Malone, of Oswego Town, retaining the positions of minority leader and minority whip, respectively.

“I welcome both caucuses’ support. Hopefully we can continue working together,” Gardner said. “Some of the debate we had today was awesome.”

The Republicans will be having a goals setting meeting soon and the chairman said he welcomed ideas and suggestions from not only the GOP but members of the minority as well.

“We need ideas,” he said. “Hopefully we can work together, keep moving forward and have a better year.”