Oswego County Opportunities, Friends of Fulton Parks To Introduce Lake Neatahwanta Nature Trail

FULTON, NY – Oswego County Opportunities IMPACT program in collaboration with Friends of Fulton Parks (FoFP) invites you to explore the new Lake Neatahwanta Nature Trail.

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April Marx (left) of Oswego County Opportunities IMPACT Program and Friends of Fulton Parks President Kelley Weaver display one of the signs that will mark the new Lake Neatahwanta Nature Trail.

The 1.7-mile scenic lakeside trail is one of multiple projects the Friends of Fulton Parks have planned to restore and beautify Fulton’s public parks.

FoFP volunteers cleared overgrowth, removed debris, and bridged gaps to connect two existing trails – one that runs from Phillips Street behind Lakeview Lanes to Bullhead Point, and a second that runs from Stevenson Beach to the athletic complex between the Fulton Junior and Senior High School.

The end result is what now comprises the Lake Neatahwanta Nature Trail, a designated trail for the community to enjoy.

Portions of the trail are accessible to all, with full views of the lake.

The existing wooded areas require sure-footing and preventive care against insects and poison ivy.

On September 17 the Friends of Fulton Parks along with OCO will host a celebration to mark the official opening of the Lake Neatahwanta Nature Trail.

“We invite community members to join us at 10 a.m. on September 17 at Bullhead Point for a guided walk along the trail,” said April Marx, OCO IMPACT program manager. “We want to make the official opening of the trail a family picnic day and encourage families to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy after the walk.”

The trail passes along several of Fulton’s popular spots and historic sites including:

– Lakeview Lanes that was established as a bowling alley in 1961 and has evolved through the generations and now offers a variety of recreational activities both indoor and seasonal.

–  Bullhead Point which includes a pavilion which provides picnic shelter and a pier that reaches out to a gazebo that is approximately 500 feet into Lake Neatahwanta

–  The historic Pump House where water from the lake was once pumped from this brick structure to a storage tank on West First Street for the American Woolen Mills, a large textile firm located on the west bank of the Oswego River that provided uniforms and other cloth supplies for the US Army during both world wars.

– The Fulton War Memorial, a multipurpose group of buildings housing an exhibition hall/gymnasium and related ante-rooms and a covered arena used for ice skating and winter sports.

– Recreation Park boasts 28 lakeside acres that were set aside by John W. Stevenson, general manager of the American Woolen Mills, when he first established the site in 1921 for his 1,500 employees. Today, adjacent to Stevenson Beach, there is a picnic area with a pavilion, picnic tables, and grills.

While the newly-marked trail will be reopened at the September 17 kickoff event, improvements will continue as a section of the trail will pass through the upcoming Fulton Teen Park near Bullhead Point.

“This trail opens up local opportunities to enjoy outdoor exercise and the beauty of nature, while connecting the many different sites along the trail. We are pleased to partner with OCO’s IMPACT program for this project, and are grateful to the City of Fulton for providing the trail access,” said Friends of Fulton Parks President Kelley Weaver.

“The Lake Neatahwanta Nature Trail is a wonderful addition to our community,” said Marx. “Collaborating with Friends of Fulton Parks is a natural fit for our IMPACT program.  Established with funding through the New York Department of Health, OCO’s IMPACT program is focused on the prevention of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Through IMPACT we are reaching out to the Fulton community to expand opportunities to be physically active and to improve access to healthy food. Kelley Weaver and the Friends of Fulton Parks volunteers have done a great job establishing the Lake Neatahwanta Nature Trail.  It offers community members and visitors a chance to enjoy some physical activity while enjoying a scenic path along the lakeshore.”

For more information on the Lake Neatahwanta Nature Trail check out FoFP on Facebook: www.facebook.com/friendsoffultonparks.