Oswego County Today.com Intern Ready For ‘The Real World’

By Christine Peets, December 2013 SUNY Oswego Graduate
Everyone is probably familiar with the term senioritus. But, it’s not until your senior year of college that one can truly know the symptoms that accompany the transition from college to the workforce.

All you can hope is that college prepared you well.

A SUNY Oswego student prepares for graduation.
A SUNY Oswego student prepares for graduation.

The realization, at least for me, happened about four weeks into my last semester at Oswego State, which is the current semester I am enrolled in.

At that moment, a rush of anxiety mixed with anticipation overtook me. It hasn’t gone away.

I anticipate the symptoms will dissipate by my Dec. 14, graduation date. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Don’t bet on it, Christine).

For about 530 Oswego students, including myself, the senior semester is a time to finalize projects and papers you have been putting off.

It is also a time to get resumes and recommendations ready for the perilous job search you have been warned about since your first day of college.

For most, the job search can be tedious and extensive. For some students at Oswego, it can be quickly rewarding.

Megan Haufe, a business student at Oswego will be moving to Philadelphia to begin her full-time job with Frito-Lay; a company she interned for during the summer of ’13.

“I am thrilled to begin my career under the PepsiCo organization, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for me,” said Haufe.

Haufe’s educational preparations have helped her hone business skills such as confidence and public speaking.

“I remember back in high school I was terrified of speaking in front of the class,” Haufe said. “However, almost every business course involves a project and presentation.”

Alyssa O’Bryan, a human development major at Oswego, said she was led down the right path by service learning courses and internships.

O’Bryan will begin her career with Liberty Resources where she will serve kids with intellectual disabilities as a youth specialist.

As for me, I am a journalism major (currently interning with Oswego County Today.com)  who started the job search early. I believe it would have paid off, if I weren’t moving to Boston in Feburary.

People say it’s all about who you know, and I’d say that’s true.

My luck struck while I was a cashier at the Home Depot in Rochester.

It was hot – 90 degrees out – and I was stuck on a nine-hour shift in the garden department. It is safe to say that I, in no way, looked “news ready.”

Long story short, an account executive at NBC approached me in line and gave me her contact information.

From that moment I followed up and networked.

The night before my second interview with NBC, I was informed by my boyfriend and successful May ‘13 business graduate of Oswego, that he was accepted as a frozen manager at Wegmans in Boston.

The thought of starting a life in a state I adore, with the person I love, is enough of a reason for me to know that I am making the right choice.

Everyone’s path to the workforce may be different, but success stories such as O’Bryan’s and Haufe’s prove that it is possible.

With hard work and a lot of dedication, jobs are waiting.

The moral of the story is, Oswego has given me and others the tools to succeed accompanied by a serious case of senioritus.

So, I congratulate the estimated 530 students who will be graduating this semester and I commend the strength and commitment it takes to not crack under the pressure.

We did it, almost…

A webcast of the Dec. 14 ceremony in the Campus Center arena will stream live, with a link available from the www.oswego.edu home page.