Oswego County Tourism Office Reports Possible Advertising Scam

OSWEGO – The Oswego County Tourism Office has been notified that an out-of-state publishing company is soliciting advertisements for an Oswego County Visitor Guide.

Dave Turner, director of the Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning, said his office is not currently soliciting advertising for its visitor guide, and that any legitimate advertisement solicitations for Oswego County’s official visitors guide would come directly from the tourism office staff and not through a third-party vendor.

“We have been notified by at least three local businesses that they were contacted by a representative of Loyalty Publishing or their subsidiary, Skyline Publishing to purchase advertising in an Oswego County Visitor Guide,” said Turner. “Upon investigation we found many consumer complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office and other consumer publications for both Loyalty Publishing and their subsidiary, Skyline Publishing. Our office has notified our tourism partners and contacted the New York State Attorney General’s Office in Syracuse to make them aware of the solicitations.”

Oswego County businesses who have questions may contact the Attorney General’s Office at 448-4848.