Oswego Elementary Schools Gain State Recognition

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego City School District has been notified that four elementary schools were recognized as a High Performing/Gap Closing School.

High Performing/Gap Closing schools have been recognized because they met all applicable State standards for English Language Arts (ELA) and math during the 2006-07 school year and also made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in ELA and math for two consecutive years.

Charles E. Riley, Frederick Leighton, Kingsford Park and Minetto Elementary were all named on the list that was released on May 15 by Regents Chancellor Robert M. Bennett and State Education Commissioner Richard Mills.

David Fischer, Superintendent of Schools noted that “This is indeed a high honor and reason for special recognition and celebration. I know that a distinguished honor like this can be attributed to the diligent and professional efforts of the entire learning community at these buildings and the support of the parents. I am very proud of the entire staff for the excellent work they are doing to help all students raise their achievement.”

“We are very excited about this recognition,” said Cathleen Chamberlain, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction. “This is a true testimony to the hard work and focus within these buildings by the teachers and administrators. Our priority over the last three years has been on utilizing best practice in every classroom and increasing student engagement. We need to celebrate in these successes. Our teachers are to be commended for the work they do every day to enhance the teaching and learning experiences for our students so they can meet with success. Through this effort we have seen significant increases in the percentage of students who are meeting with proficiency on state tests.”

“I am extremely proud this recognition,” said Leighton Principal Julie Burger. “Our teachers and staff are committed to connecting positively with students, using instructional strategies to make learning stick, and promoting student engagement during instruction to empower students. This recipe for success is working!”

Research shows that after parents, teachers have the greatest impact on student success.

“This means that when parents and teachers work together, students’ academic achievement improves. When parents support school at home, do their best to uphold student attendance, and send children to school with a positive attitude, the impact is significant,” Burger said.

Donna Simmons, interim principal at Minetto Elementary School said, “I am so proud of the teachers and students who made this happen. It is truly a collaborative team effort. I believe that the data information we are provided with now, directly relates with how teachers can help this to inform instruction. I definitely stand firm, as does research, on when teachers make personal connections with students it is an essential piece and factor to their academic achievement in school “

Mary Volkomer, principal at Kingsford Park said, “This is such great news for the district. This kind of news that is reassuring and revitalizing at the same time. We are moving forward. I believe that focusing on good instruction, providing relevant and essential professional development and celebrating the successes makes the difference.”

Charles E. Riley Elementary School Principal Randy Richards was very proud of his students and staff for the academic achievement.

On Tuesday May 20, Fischer and the Oswego City School District Board of Education will celebrate this success as each building principal will receive a certificate of recognition in honor of the great work being done at these buildings by their dedicated staff.