Oswego Fire Department Offers Winter Safety Tips

OSWEGO, NY – With the arrival of the first significant winter storm of the season, the Oswego Fire Department reminds residents to take necessary precautions to prevent serious injuries.

The National Weather Service reports that a “very complicated” storm is heading our way as low pressure moves across the Great Lakes, resulting in frigid temperatures, blustery winds, and heavy lake effect snow.

Weather experts have stated that the weather will change here in Oswego around 5 p.m. this evening, causing icy conditions and low visibility.

Please plan accordingly and drive safely.

OFD – put a freeze on winter fires

The Oswego Fire Department offers these tips to help get through a storm safely:

  • Keep posted on weather conditions
  • Prepare for isolation at home, keep an emergency kit on hand
  • Check on neighbors or relatives that may need assistance
  • Use only approved methods to heat your home
  • Keep anything that can burn at least 3 feet from heat sources
  • Plug space heaters directly into an outlet, do not use extension cords
  • Check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Keep vents clear from snow and ice buildup
  • Do not overexert yourself while shoveling snow
  • Ensure your car exhaust is clear of snow and ice before starting
  • Do not leave your car running inside a garage
  • If you must travel, drive slowly and plan ahead
  • If you smell natural gas, exit the home immediately and call 911
  • Call 911 for emergencies

Using these common sense tips can ensure that you and your family remain safe during this storm and throughout the winter months.

Our personnel will be ready for the increased call volume that this storm is likely to bring.

Please remember, when you see an approaching emergency vehicle, please carefully pull over to the right and stop to allow our vehicles to pass.

Stay Safe Oswego!