Oswego Harborfest Children’s Parade to Launch Multiple Events

OSWEGO – Oswego Harborfest wouldn’t be the nationally recognized event that it is without the wonderful opportunities for children of all ages.

From the Novelis-Oswego County Federal Credit Union-Palladium Times Children’s Parade, to the 150th celebration of “Wonderland” and including numerous interactive opportunities for the festival’s youngest attendees there will be a place for children to call their own.

The Childrens Parade is one of the festival's most popular events
The Childrens Parade is one of the festival’s most popular events

The traditional and famous Oswego Harborfest Children’s Parade is scheduled to begin on July 24 at 1:30 p.m. from Breitbeck Park and it will be composed of many local organizations as well as hundreds of children and a variety of surprises.

The march will commence at Breitbeck Park and will travel east on Lake Street before turning on to West Fifth Street to the Novelis Family Park in Franklin Square’s West Park.

After the parade the Oswego Health Activity area will be open in the Novelis Family park.

The setting will be an old-time carnival with many games for children to play and win prizes.

There will be an obstacle course, a football toss, a putting green and small pond with boats to be selected which correspond with prizes.

Throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday the annual Children’s Musical “Wonderland” will feature 40 of Oswego’s very talented youth the the whimsical performance in the Oswego County Youth Bureau-Oswego Lions Club sponsored Family Tent.

The musical will be performed at 4 p.m. on Friday and at 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. on Saturday as well as 11 a.m. on Sunday.

“Wonderland” depicts the journey of a troubled Alice through a series of unfortunate circumstances in a high-tech, modern world.

Creative props, fabulous costumes and wonderful talent will be on display.

Once again, the production would not have been possible without the efforts of directors Rocky Farden and Bobbie Palange.

Sunday afternoon, July 26, will be an exciting time in the Novelis Children’s Park.

The third annual “Oswego’s Got Talent,” a community collaboration that celebrates young artists and performers for their creativity and diversity creates awareness of Oswego County’s rich cultural resources.

The event has grown over the first two years and a large turnout is expected.

Last year, a dozen contestants took to the stage and this year it is anticipated that more youth will become involved in the celebration of art and performance.

“These participants are truly talented youth of our community and they are our future artists, singers, dancers, teachers, leaders and community members and we should show them how much we value their participation,” said Harborfest President Chena Tucker.

The competition also features a visual and library art exhibit along with the series of youth performances.

The talent show begins at 2:15 p.m. at the Novelis Family Children’s Park Stage in Franklin Square’s West Park.

Anyone eight to 21 years of age is invited to participate.

Numerous other festival events are also on tap for children including the Harborfest Children’s Gala, the T-shirt workshops, the Catskill Puppet Theatre, Peter and Chris Amusements, InJest, Doug Rougeaux , Dan Chase Snakes and the Oswego Children’s Museum.

There are other events for children as the world-famous Grucci World Class fireworks, sponsored by Entergy, will light up the harbor on Saturday night.

Oswego Harborfest Executive Director Buske said, ”Oswego Harborfest is certainly known for its reputation as one of the few admission free music festivals in the nation. It would not be possible to continue this event without the massive support we receive from the city of Oswego, governmental entities, businesses, organizations and individual and family members.  If anyone would like to contribute to the support of this fantastic region wide event we can be reached at 41 Lake St., Oswego, NY 13126 or by calling 315-343-6858.”