Oswego Kartway Racers Honored; Emmons III, Baum Declared Drivers of the Year

OSWEGO, NY – A tremendous crowd gathered on Sunday at Lighthouse Lanes in Oswego to recognize and honor the record number of competitors that participated in the 2015 racing season at Oswego Kartway.

Champions were declared in 26 different categories between the Kartway’s 2015 Driver’s Championship and the inaugural Summer Shootout Series.

Carl Emmons III (left) and Seth Baum (right) were declared Oswego Kartway's Drivers of the Year at the Kartway's annual Championship banquet held at Lighthouse Lanes in Oswego on Sunday.
Carl Emmons III (left) and Seth Baum (right) were declared Oswego Kartway’s Drivers of the Year at the Kartway’s annual Championship banquet held at Lighthouse Lanes in Oswego on Sunday.

The afternoon began with the introduction 13 Summer Shootout champions that took on the Kartway during a special three race series in the month of July.

Jason Parkhurst (Jr. Green Clone), Camren Clark (Sr. Green Clone), Tanner Emmons (Jr. Purple Clone), Carl Emmons III (Jr. Blue Clone), Seth Perrin (Sr. Blue Clone), Matt Barbour (Stock Light), Paul Fountaine (Stock 425), Kyle Perry (Clone Light), DJ Shuman (Clone Medium), Ron Ingison (Clone Heavy), Shannon Pitcher (Clone 425), Stephen Marhsall (Champ Kart), and Rich Jordal (Open) were announced as champions of the Summer series before a standing room only crowd.

Following the introduction of the Summer Shootout champions the top five junior finishers and top three senior finishers in the overall 2015 championship were unveiled.

Tucker Fenske claimed the title of Jr. Green Clone track champion in 2015 beating out Emma Spaulding, Ryan Dennison, Nash Peterson, and Chloe Emmons for the title. Dennison scored more features wins than any other driver in the class.

The Sr. Green Clone championship was awarded to four time feature winner Tyler Emmons.  Emmons finished ahead of Camren Clark, Hunter Hollenbeck, Logan Abbott, and Joey Ardizzone in the race for the title.

The Jr. Purple Clone championship was won by Tanner Emmons who finished the year with five main event wins during the regular season. Emmons topped Madison Baum, Jake Holmes, Logan Crisafulli, and Kaleb Sidman in the top five positions.

The Jr. Blue Clone championship was a race to the very end with Carl Emmons III finishing ahead of Alex Losurdo by only three championship points. Losurdo scored a series leading five feature wins in Jr. Blue Clone taking the runner-up position ahead of Devon Tonkin, Cameron Rowe Jr., and Griffin Miller in the front five spots.

In Sr. Blue Clone, the most advanced junior division that competes at the Kartway, Seth Perrin collected the championship with three feature wins.  Runner-up Tyler Thompson scored the most feature wins of any driver in the division at four with John Trenca, Brittney Baum, and Hunter Lawton finishing the championship in the top five.

In the senior divisions Canadian weekly competitor Matt Barbour led a stout field of Stock Light competitors to earn his first senior division championship with two wins on the year. Chris Natoli, Jake Sivers, Zach Mooney, and Nick Demling finished the top five in the championship run.  Demling scored more main event wins than any other driver in the division with three triumphs.

The Stock 425 championship was dominated by Paul Fountaine as he won all 11 feature events in the division in 2015. Ron Abbott Sr., Nicole Carvey, Bethany Rookey, and James Shutts trailed Fountaine in the standings.

The Clone Light division was handled all year long by Kyle Perry, with five feature wins in class, as he cruised to the championship. Robbie Bruce finished in the runner-up position ahead of former Kartway Driver of the Year Josh Ostrander, Brandon Philips, and Ryan Gunther.

The all new Clone Medium class was a division of firsts in 2015 as Trevor Bellinger not only scored his first of three feature wins but also claimed his first championship over Aaron LaTulip. John Altman, John Lindsay, and Alex McRae concluded the top five runners in the Medium division.

Clone Heavy saw a large listing of 34 drivers taking the green flag throughout the season and at year end it was Jamie Shutts collecting the championship with four feature wins on the season. Ricky Pritchard, Ron Ingison, defending class champion Eric Raponi, and Joe Hayden were the top five finishers in 2015.

Clone 425 saw a father/son duo lead the way with son Seth Baum beating out father Scott Baum for the championship. Fountaine finished third in the standings ahead of Rusty Natoli and Kirk Smith. Pitcher scored more 425 victories than any other driver, with four.

The Champ Kart division was a runaway for Stephen Marshall with nine feature wins on the season.  Marshall finished ahead of Mike Humphrey, Bill Miner, Matt Fay, and Randy Knight in the race for the championship.

Like Champ, the Open class saw an open road for Rich Jordal as he ran away with the championship scoring six feature wins on the season.  Lewis Lewis, Alan Lane, John Stepien, and Dave Marsden finished in the front five.

For the first time Oswego Kartway announced Triple Crown Champions as two drivers were able to score victories in the track’s three biggest events during the season – the King of the Kartway, Battle at the Bullring, and Oswego Kartway Classic.

Nick Demling, a former Classic and Kartway track champion, won all three title events at the Kartway in 2015 driving in the Stock Light division.

Like Demling, DJ Shuman is a season veteran and champion of the Kartway, and he too scored the title of Triple Crown Champion winning all three events in Clone Medium.

Throughout the championship banquet, voting polls were open for racers to determine the third annual Oswego Kartway Drivers of the Year, with one selected in the junior category and one selected in the senior category.

At the conclusion of the banquet, with all voting calculated, Seth Baum was announced as the senior Driver of the Year with Carl Emmons III earning the junior Driver of the Year title for the second consecutive year.

The awards banquet concluded with the annual presentation of the Kartway’s Rewards Program awards including two brand new Slack Xpect chassis, a set of wheels and tires from Burris Racing Tire, and a clone motor build from RJ Kart Sales.

Drivers with perfect attendance through the Kartway’s regular season were eligible to win the Xpect chassis while drivers missing one race were eligible to win the wheels and tires and drivers missing two races eligible for the clone motor.

Robert Philips and Matt Barbour were randomly drawn as the winners of the Slack Xpect chassis with Demling collecting the set of wheels and tires from Burris and Chance Weaver winning the RJ Kart Sales clone motor build.

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Oswego Kartway 2015 Championship Standings (Regular Season, Top Five):

Sr. Green Clone
1. Tyler Emmons**** – 1102
2. Camren Clark** – 1080
3. Hunter Hollenbeck* – 1078
4. Logan Abbott – 1026
5. Joey Ardizzone – 1015

Jr. Green Clone
1. Tucker Fenske – 1036
2. Emma Spaulding – 988
3. Ryan Dennison**** – 865
4. Nash Peterson* – 623
5. Chloe Emmons – 479

Jr. Purple Clone
1. Tanner Emmons***** – 1159
2. Madison Baum*** – 1140
3. Jake Holmes** – 1130
4. Logan Crisafulli* – 1093
5. Kaleb Sidman – 995

Jr. Blue Clone
1. Carl Emmons III*** – 1142
2. Alex Losurdo***** – 1139
3. Devon Tonkin* – 1068
4. Cameron Rowe Jr. – 1023
5. Griffin Miller* – 958

Sr. Blue Clone
1. Seth Perrin*** – 1132
2. Tyler Thompson**** – 1113
3. John Trenca* – 1084
4. Brittney Baum* – 1026
5. Hunter Lawton* – 1019

Stock Light
1. Matt Barbour** – 1121
2. Chris Natoli** – 1077
3. Jake Sivers* – 1071
4. Zach Mooney – 1038
5. Nick Demling*** – 1000

Stock 425
1. Paul Fountaine*********** – 1245
2. Ron Abbott Sr. – 1112
3. Nicole Carvey – 1059
4. Bethany Rookey – 277
5. James Shutts – 212

Clone Light
1. Kyle Perry***** – 1180
2. Robbie Bruce – 1045
3. Josh Ostrander**** – 1043
4. Brandon Philips* – 1029
5. Ryan Gunther – 900

Clone Medium
1. Trevor Bellinger*** – 1135
2. Aaron LaTulip* – 1050
3. John Altman – 943
4. John Lindsay – 724
5. Alex McRae* – 618

Clone Heavy
1. Jamie Shutts**** – 1134
2. Ricky Prichard*** – 1105
3. Ron Ingison* – 1077
4. Eric Raponi* – 1074
5. Joe Hayden – 988

Clone 425
1. Seth Baum – 1041
2. Scott Baum** – 1028
3. Paul Fountaine* – 994
4. Rusty Natoli – 987
5. Kirk Smith – 978

1. Stephen Marshall********* – 1229
2. Mike Humphrey – 768
3. Bill Miner – 534
4. Matt Fay** – 527
5. Randy Knight – 261

1. Rich Jordal****** – 995
2. Lewis Lewis*** – 854
3. Alan Lane – 300
4. John Stepien – 272
5. Dave Marsden** – 227

Oswego Kartway Drivers of the Year

Senior Driver of the Year
2013 – Dan Kapuscinski
2014 – Eric Raponi
2015 – Seth Baum

Junior Driver of the Year
2013 – Josh Ostrander
2014 – Seth Perrin/Carl Emmons III
2015 – Carl Emmons III