Oswego Town Historical Society Ice Cream Social is July 12

Photo of the Mexico Brass from the Pulaski Farmer’s Market, 2009.
Photo of the Mexico Brass from the Pulaski Farmer’s Market, 2009.

The annual ice cream social of the Oswego Town Historical Society will be held at the Oswego Town Park on Tuesday, July 12, 6pm. This year the Mexico Brass will be in concert as the live entertainment.

Brass bands have a long tradition in Mexico. The earliest records of a community brass band in Mexico show the year to be 1868, and the group was called the Martial Band. By 1888, Edward Parker was ready to reorganize this brass band and it was renamed the Silver Cornet Band. Parker served as the leader of this band for 20 years. After Parker, three leaders covered the next 11 years, until the band was reorganized in 1919 as the Chamber of Commerce Band. In 1925, the brass band became the American Legion Band and in the 1940s, it was the Mexico Merchant Band. World War II brought the brass band concerts to a stop in Mexico. Now, in the early part of the 21st Century the brass play again.

This brass band founded in 2007 and carries on the brass band tradition in the village of Mexico thru the years. Twelve members strong, sometimes more, this band has filled churches, private businesses, the Everson Museum in Syracuse, and the open air again and again with the strong and sure sound of a full brass band. One hundred years ago there was a different brass band in Mexico, but likely they performed for the same reasons – the love of music and the joy of sharing it with others. Their public performances include farmer’s markets, community celebrations, nursing home events, etc. For more information on the group or to book a concert, go to www.mexicobrass.com.

The public is cordially invited and the event is free. Please bring a lawn chair.