Oswego Tree Stewards honor social reformer Gerrit Smith

OSWEGO, NY – The next few weeks the Oswego Tree Stewards will be doing their volunteer pruning along Gerrit Street starting at West Fifth this Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon, moving east along Gerrit until they finish at Gerrit and Murray.

They expect it to take three Saturdays.

Since four of the Tree Stewards had gone to a historical discussion last Monday night at Steamers about Gerrit Smith, they decided to do that street section in honor of the man.

Gerritt Smith,  (March 6, 1797 – December 28, 1874) according to Wikipedia, ‘was a leading United States  social reformer, abolitionist, politician, and philanthropist.’

The volunteers of the Oswego Tree Stewards spend many hours working on the city’s trees and that gives them a sense of kinship with his philanthropy and social reforms.

The public is always invited to come learn about trees from this group or ask questions about a tree.