Oswego Volleyball Squads Win Openers

7th Grade team vs APW 11.8.16
This was our first match of the season and I think everyone was certainly a little nervous going into the game.

We did not serve well the first set but the 2nd set was a much better serving game for us, and serving helped us push the visiting APW into extra points.  The third set I think all of our nerves were calm and we took the floor and played fast and served well.

It is nice to get that first match under our belt and we can look at where we need to get some more work done.

Blue team vs Auburn 11.9.16

We traveled to Auburn for our first Blue team match up for the season.

We started off slow and did not serve the first set the way we wanted to. But after the first set was over we really came up big in the serving category and had a lot of aces from the girls tonight and went on to win the last 4 sets to win the match 4 sets to 1.

I was very happy to see that the girls got aggressive the last 4 sets and played together as a group.”


Date of Contest:    11.8.16          Opponent:   APW

Scores: Oswego:     15/26/25            APW: 25/24/17

Avery, Azalia –11 aces
Campbell, Alexis – ace
Cloonan, Mary Kate – 3 aces
Griffiths, Olivia – ace
Libbey, Makayla – kill
Nettles, Katelyn – 7 aces
Porter, Julia – kill
Whelsky, Abbygail – 4 aces, 2 assists

Record: 1-0 (7th grade)

Date of Contest:    11.9.16    Opponent:   Auburn

Scores: Oswego: 7/25/25/25/25        Auburn: 25/15/18/14/20

Campbell, Alexis – 2 aces
Libbey, Makayla – 3 aces
Murray, Julia – 2 aces
Nettles, Katelyn – 3 aces
Porter, Julia – 3 aces
Whelsky, Abbygail – 5 aces
Casper, Madison – ace
Cloonan, Ava – 2 aces
Guarrera, Angelina – 4 kills
Guarrera, Anna – ace
Hammil, McKenna – 3 aces
Marsallo, Mia – 2 aces
McManus – Mackenzie – 7 aces, 4 assists

Record: Blue team 1-0

Submitted by Theodore (Teddy) Beers
Physical Education Teacher
Volleyball & Lacrosse Coach
Oswego City School District