Parish-Area Seniors: Ready, Set, Get Fit!

A regular program of exercise for the elderly improves conditioning and helps prevent chronic diseases. Physical exercise benefits seniors more than any other group.

The Parish Senior Dining and Activity Center (PDAC) is ready to keep our seniors active, building their strength and endurance while having a great time with friends. The OCO Senior Services Division is promoting a Physical Activity Group for the centers, and Parish is ready and willing. Participants from each of the eight sites have submitted names for this group and the name selection will be in the near future, but for now we are calling it “The Parish Physical Activity Group” (PPAG)

There are many different opportunities to benefit your well-being at the PDAC, located at 814 Rider Street . There will be an optional opportunity to weigh-in each day, when you arrive. There will be physical activities before lunch on M, Tu and Th, with lunch served at noon followed by a variety of activities relating to nutrition, history and themes.


10—10:30 a.m. Wii Walk it Out

10:30—11 a.m. Wii Fit Plus

11 a.m. — noon knitting

10—10:30 a.m. Wii Walk it Out

10:30—11 a.m. Wii Fit Plus

11 — 11:45 a.m. Chair exercise or Tai Chi for arthritis is for everyone who would like to improve their own personal health, flexibility and strength in a gentle, low impact movement class.

This class is suitable for all levels of physical ability. Don’t let physical limitations stop you from joining us. You can do this.


10—10:30 a.m. Wii Walk it Out

10:30—11 a.m. Wii Fit Plus

11 a.m. — noon Wii Bowling

Classes subject to change according to interest

This is all optional; you can participate as much or as little as you desire. You can still come and join us for lunch only and/or the variety of activities following. Remember to call in advance (a day or two) to reserve a meal. First time visits, the meal is on us, so why not stop in and see what we are all about?

Please be advised that there are risks involved in participating in any exercise program. Remember to get your doctor’s permission.