Parish Seniors Enjoy “Christmas In July”

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The Parish Senior Dining and Activity Center was filled with the glitter and magic of the Christmas season on Monday, July 27, for the second annual “Christmas in July” celebration. The site was beautifully decorated. Eleanor Jacobson and Julie Raner enjoyed playing Christmas carols for the twenty or so guests. There was a fun, but confusing, gift exchange game. All enjoyed the many Christmas goodies.

On Tues, July 28, Ms. Evelyn Stelmashuck read her story that she wrote years ago while attending the Parish Writers Group. The story was humorous and educational tale of life on the farm and milking the cows.

The month of August, will no exception each day the center is open (M, Tu and Th) there will be educational, historical, entertaining and more activities.

The card players begin to arrive about 10:30 a.m. and they are generally the last to leave, at 2 p.m. or after. There seems to be something for everyone. The site manager, Mary Lou Guindon makes every attempt to see that the needs and interests of all will be addressed often.

The highlights for August will be: closed on Aug. 3; nutritionist Patti Williams and the Aug. birthdays celebrated on Aug.4; Joy Oliver, 4th in the Parish Writers series and Sandi Mensch will do blood pressure checks on Aug. 6; Aug. 10-Hangman; Aug. 11- Experience Works, come learn how you can work part time, earn some extra money; Janet Clerkin will talk about the local Os. Co. history on Aug. 13; Bingo on Aug. 17; Fred Swartz returns on Aug. 18 to talk about antique bottles; the monthly club meeting will be on Aug. 20; Aug. 24 Becky Betttinger of the Os. Hospital will be joining us; Chef Charles on Aug. 25; Thurs. Aug. 27 Paul and Suzie will treat us to fresh waffle cones dipped in chocolate served with ice cream; and on Monday, Aug. 31 Mary Lou and you will create a delicious center piece with watermelon and a variety of fruits.

Along with all these great activities, the center still does the weekly “mystery person”, reads excerpts from “Older But Wilder” and word searches etc.

OCO’s Parish Senior Dining and Activity Center , 814 Rider Street, is a great, safe place to reconnect with old friends. Mon. Tues, and Thurs. 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Make your reservations a few days before at 625-4617 or 598-4712.