Kokoa: Pet of the Week

POTW: Kokoa. Photo courtesy of the Oswego County Humane Society

OSWEGO – Just as dark and sweet as her chocolatey name-sake, Kokoa is every bit a lovely guinea pig and would make an excellent pet for any home.

What makes a guinea pig a great pet?

Guinea pigs are naturally social creatures and can be quite affectionate when properly socialized, like Kokoa has been while in our care. Guinea pigs are also low maintenance pets that don’t need to be bathed or let out to potty. They don’t need much space at all to be happy; Kokoa’s small enclosure is all she needs with guinea pig pellets and clean water daily. Guinea pigs are a relatively quiet pet, although they may squeak and chirp with joy on occasion.

Kokoa is about 4 years old. The adoption fee is $30 and includes her habitat set-up.

If you are interested in adopting, you can download our Adoption Application at tinyurl.com/oswego-humane-application. You can email us your completed application and any questions to [email protected]!

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