Phoenix Woman Wins $1,000 Kernels Of Kindness Award From Jolly Time Pop Corn

SIOUX CITY, Iowa – Jolly Time Pop Corn announced that Galena Ojiem from Phoenix, NY, is one of 100 winners in its national grassroots program, Kernels of Kindness. The program pays tribute to those that make a difference through acts of kindness in their communities.

Ojiem exemplifies the spirit of Kernels of Kindness and has won this award for her work to provide the homeless community with basic necessities, such as food, toiletries and clean, reusable water bottles.

Two years ago, during conversations with a homeless man, Ojiem discovered an unmet need for the homeless community. Though there are food stamps, temporary shelters and organizations that help find housing, many homeless people either do not qualify, have to wait long periods of time or do not possess the proper documentation to utilize these programs.

Ojiem created Hikers for the Homeless to offer a “hand up” not a “handout”to her local homeless community through prepared kits of non-perishable foods, toiletries and first aid kits.

These kits were created based on research and feedback from hikers who spend days and nights outside, something that many members of the homeless community experience on a regular basis.

Hikers for the Homeless has received its official notice of state incorporation as a nonprofit organization and is working toward a Federal 501(C)(3) status.

The $1,000 Kernels of Kindness award will contribute to creating more kits and Ojiem’s goal of launching a monthly distribution center, which would allow those in need to pick up essential items.

“I know my great-grandfather, grandfather and father would be proud of Jolly Time’s continued commitment to our community by supporting people like Galena, who makes a difference in so many peoples’ lives through Hikers for the Homeless,” said Garry Smith, president and fourth generation member of the Smith family to lead Jolly Time. “In celebration of our 100th birthday, we wanted to extend that commitment to communities across the U.S. We’re very excited to see what $100,000 of good will bring.”

Both individuals and organizations were eligible for nomination from May 15 through June 16 at, and in total the program received 6,620 entries from throughout the United States.

Each winner receives $1,000 to continue their work, and a special online gallery features their stories,

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