Physical Services Committee Handles Brief Agenda

OSWEGO, NY – The Physical Services Committee made quick work of three resolutions Monday night.

All were forwarded to the full council for consideration.

Shane Broadwell, representing G&S Broadwell Inc., requested a permanent easement for a 12’ x 12’ site, fronting East First Street, in order to install a transformer pad and associated equipment to service the new G&S Broadwell Inc. convention center.

Christina McManus sought approval to donate a park bench to be placed in Breitbeck Park in memory of her mother, Frances Broadwell.

The Zoning Board of Appeals, at its meeting Nov. 23, denied Martin S. Faul’s application for a special permit for front yard parking.

They requested that the council revoke Resolution No. 364 of 2010, due to the fact that the remaining portion of off-street parking area, in public space, ( 4’ x 20’) fronting the property, is inadequate in size for vehicular parking.