Political Corruption Or Fraud

To The Editor:
Political corruption takes on many forms.

Everyone cries about it at the state and federal level, but it is right here in Oswego County at a much lower level.

It is at the town, city and county level.

Fraud is fraud no matter how you look at it.

The one that is the most obvious is at a town board election level.

A recent inquiry into petitions tuned in for a place on the ballot of a town board seat. The inquiry reveled the fact that one of the candidates had turned in petitions with a plethora of illegal signatures.

For those that are unaware of the signatures on a petition. The only legal signatures are those that are from residents of the area (town, city, district or county) that is going to be represented.

In the above case many signatures were from cities, towns outside the represented area.

Also many petitions were signed by the same voters multiple times. You are only allowed to sign one petition for any one candidate.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure the signatures on the petitions are valid.

It is also up to the witness to ensure the signatures are legal.

Now in this case, the witness was a chairman of a major political party in a town.

Without these illegal signatures this candidate fell well short of the required number of registered voters’ signatures. Making the candidate’s petitions invalid and the candidate’s name would not appear on the ballot in November for a seat on a town board.

This is totally political corruption or fraud right here in Oswego County.

Show the people of this town that you won’t stand for this in our county.

Frank Castiglia Jr.
Oswego County Legislator


  1. Well Frank you must be for Voter I.D. then.
    I have to show I.D. to buy Alcohol,BB’s,Weapons, and Spray Paint
    in NYS .So why not voter I.D.?

  2. I see nothing wrong with Voter ID..but this isn’t about that. It’s about making a mockery of the election process. When you sign a petition for a candidate in another city and you don’t live in that city. It is illegal plan and simple. Other wise you have people in other cities deciding who will be on your ballot in your city. They even signed the petitions and put down they lived in another area. Not hiding it at all.But I guess you don’t care how someone gets elected or on the ballot as long as you like them and they are of your political party.

  3. I completely agree with you, the witness to a petition should have the integrity to obtain a valid signature. That being said, there are mechanisms in place to challenge the validity of signatures and knock a candidate off the ballot if enough signatures on the petition are invalid. I’m not sure from your letter if the petitions were challenged and if the candidate remains on the ballot?

  4. How about Broadwell being a county legislator and accepting a pilot program for his hotel? Isn’t that a conflict????

  5. David, & Joe, Both of your points are correct. First up is David, No they weren’t challenged but that wasn’t the point of the letter. The point was how corrupt the petitions were. Joe, Broadwell’s legislative status and his Hotels getting PILOTs is a conflict, but is it illegal is another issue.

  6. Frank, I’ve seen horrible mistakes on petitions sometimes (i knew of a candidate once who submitted over 1,600 signatures and over 650 were invalid, knocking the person off the ballot). I always tried to take pride in submitting accurate petitions. I think much of the time its laziness and incompetence, but sometimes its definitely illegal and really just making a joke of the whole process.

  7. The entire petition was the same few people signing over and over, page after page. It was turned in at the last possible second. And there was no announcement that this candidate was running. If it were known that this person was even a candidate, their petition would absolutely have been challenged and disallowed. They slipped in this fraudulent petition under the radar. That is the character of that candidate, blatant intentional fraud.

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