Porky and Buddy Pet Health – Marijuana For Dogs … Yay or Nay?

Porky and Buddy

Dear Porky and Buddy,
A friend of mine was telling me that now they have marijuana medicine for dogs, just like for people.

Is that true?

I always thought you should NEVER give drugs to your dog and I NEVER have, but the times . . . are they a-changin’?

The reason I am asking is that my dog, Doofus, has late stage bone cancer and I sure would like to find a way to help him with the pain.

Should I talk to my vet about this?


Dear Bob,

Well, yes and no.

New York recently introduced its own medical marijuana law for humans and there are many businesses that sell marijuana-based medications under that program.

But it has not been legalized for pets.

At least one bill has been introduced to remedy this, but nothing has reached the governor’s desk this year.

There is considerable research indicating that CBD, a common marijuana derivative, can be effective in treating pain in dogs (as well as seizures and persistent nausea).

TheBark.com has a very good series of articles online explaining the science behind CBD and other similar medications and the current state of research about its effectiveness with pets, especially dogs.

That said, you can ask your vet what she thinks about the current research but please don’t ask her to violate federal law by prescribing for Doofus.

We know it’s hard to see your friend suffer, but it’s not fair to ask your vet to jeopardize her license.

We will track the legislative efforts under way and let you know when it’s time to contact your representatives.

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