Preschool to Hold Teddy Bear Tea

Noah’s Christian Nursery School is holding its 3rd annual Teddy Bear Tea on March 20th; there will be food, activities and fun. This event is open to the public.

It is fun for a child to have tea with grandma; Grandma uses real tea and real sugar and doesn’t get upset when the tea gets spilled. And of course she uses her best china. That’s what it will be like at the 3rd Annual Teddy Bear Tea hosted by Noah’s Christian Nursery School. The School has been open since 2005, and is located at 1408 State Route 176 (across from the Jr. High), housed within Fulton’s First United Methodist Church.

The memory of last year’s tea still lingers in the minds of the children and adults who attended. The tea is set in a palace which surrounds the children with elegance and makes them feel like royalty. As the children enter the royal palace they seem to turn into a little princess or prince.

The tea is filled with embellishments that make the children know this is a special occasion. They use a real china tea cup which encourages their best behavior and gives them an opportunity to practice good manners. This is a time for children to feel special. Many children dress up for the event bringing out their frills and lace. It is an opportunity for everyone to show their personality and style.

Tea organizer and director; Sheila Simpson said “The tea party is a lovely way to teach social grace. The children don’t even realize they are learning. Getting dressed up and being at a tea with such formalities brings out the best in children. They seem to just know what is expected of them and they act like little ladies and gentlemen.” The tea party exemplifies Noah’s Christian Nursery School; it builds self-esteem, confidence and poise. It teaches the children about respect, sharing, caring and giving.

Sheila Simpson is looking forward to the event again this year, she said “I enjoy having fun filled events, which allow the community to meet and fellowship with our preschoolers. I know several children and parents who look forward to this event year after year.”

Noah’s Christian Nursery School will donate the proceeds from the tea to local youth attending Christian Summer camp and other youth activities. The Teddy Bear Tea will be held Saturday, March 20, 2010. There will be 2 seating’s; 1-3 and 3-5 pm. Tickets are available by calling 592-7347 or 593-3863 (Sheila Simpson).