Pulaski’s Kallet Returns To Its Former Glory

the Kallet Theater

The Kallet Theater

By Christina Scriber
PULASKI, NY – Often, in the faded and worn memories of most, there is a thing or place from their past that remains miraculously unaltered.

the Kallet Theater
The Kallet Theater

This memory for many in Pulaski, NY, and the surrounding area, is the Kallet Theater.

Originally known to locals as a beloved art deco movie theater, the Kallet has been an historical artifact of sorts, recording more than a hundred years of time with its foundation –  more than a hundred years worth of first dates to the movie theater and hanging out with friends.

The theater once showed classics such as Andy Hardy films and Westward the Women.

But, there was a time when the Kallet operated as a yoga studio, an auto parts store, and existed far from its former glory.

An old theater attendant outfit
An old theater attendant outfit

Members of the younger generation, and those who did not grow up in the area knew it, until recently, only as a ruin and an eyesore.

This could have very well tarnished the memory of the Kallet.

Luckily, through persistence and a great deal of passion for the community, the Kallet was purchased bought by Vince Lobdell, a man with the vision and the resources experience necessary to restore the building to the beautiful memory alive in local’s minds.

According to Lobdell, people have come from all over, and even as far as California, to see the theater.

The view from the deck
The view from the deck

And, if their experience was similar to mine, they were not disappointed.

Lobdell has brought the Kallet into modern times while preserving historical aspects and the general character of the building.

Invested in its success and the building’s relationship with the community, Lobdell and his team shaped a future for the Kallet that relies on community feedback and involvement.

The Kallet is truly for the benefit of the community, being not only visually stunning and a structure to be proud of, but also by offering impressive forms of entertainment to the community  community such as like painting classes, interactive children’s films, and big name musical artists, just to name a few.

On top of this, the Kallet can and is used for events, such as wedding receptions, proms, and expos.

A look inside the control room
A look inside the control room

From the moment you enter the Kallet’s lobby and are greeted by one of its their ushers, who volunteer because they too are invested in Lobdell’s vision for the Kallet and his commitment to the community, to your experience on the patio which overlooks a breathtaking view, a feeling of pride washes over you.

What a place.

What great people. What a wonderful future in store for it and for us all.

I included the Kallet in the latter part because Vince Lobdell is not yet done making the Kallet into the complete package.

The bar area
The bar area

It’s important to note that as a result of him buying and renovating the Kallet, others have followed suit and have bought property on Pulaski’s main street and have begun their own restorations to return their buildings to their former glories.

Pulaski, it seems, has been able to progress with the times while maintaining its fundamental characteristics and charm.

Amongst the shining examples of this is truly the Kallet Theater, with its combination of old fashioned charm and modern sensibilities, the Kallet is truly something to be proud of.

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  1. We visited Fair Haven this weekend. NYS has amazing communities that should and can be ‘restored’ to their former glory. Fair Haven has painted and cleaned up their main street and now when visitors arrive for the tourism season at the campgrounds along the beach, they see a different Fair Haven than most of us remember from the derelict eras of the 70s/80s/90s…

    New York State has lost industry, but it hasn’t lost beautiful geography. And ONLY through the vision of those who are willing (and able) to invest in these beautiful communities, can New York survive this loss of the industries that originally built these communities. Fair Haven may never need to provide ‘ice’ for food preservation again, but it CAN provide a wonderful holiday experience with a lake/a beach/a little town.

    The same goes for Pulaski. Anyone driving through on their way to somewhere ‘else’ can’t help but see the lovely Pulaski skyline at dusk. Or, drive over the little bridge over the Salmon River, or admire the beauty of the foliage and vintage homes, some returning slowly back to what they were when Pulaski was once a haven from ‘city heat’ in larger communities. Fisherman understand what Pulaski has to offer…I think it’s time that locals drive ‘into,’ and not just ‘by’ Pulaski. The Kallet is a good reason to ‘stop!’

    Good luck developers! Pulaski deserves your respect.

    Debbie Engelke
    (small business owner)
    Oswego, NY

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