Purple Gallery To Perform 2 Short Plays For Music In Our Schools Month

HANNIBAL – Hannibal High School students will take the stage to perform two plays during Music in Our Schools Month.

The 40-minute plays include “That’s Not How I Remember It” and “The Audition,” both infuse a bit of comedy into the shows.

According to Hannibal High School art teacher Lauren Boyer, who is co-directing the plays with music teacher Denise Ellis, rehearsals have been going well so far, and this year’s Purple Gallery production is sure to keep the audience entertained.

“That’s Not How I Remember It” is a playful take about how mom and dad – very differently — recall how they fell in love.

The one-act play is a “crazy homage to bad 1980s movies and the inadequacies of memory,” according to the description in the play script.

That zaniness is expected be felt throughout the performance.

Comedy will be the theme of the evening, as “The Audition” follows the journey of a new theater teacher who is bringing a production of “A Chorus Line” to the high school.

Everyone has a chance to audition, and the play provides a look at the fun, strange and heartbreaking process as the actors vie for their dream role.

The Purple Gallery will present the plays, back-to-back, at 7 p.m. March 30 and March 31 in the Hannibal High School auditorium.