RaiderNet Daily: The End of the Story

RaiderNet Daily is produced each school day by students in Len Senecal’s Journalism class.  Click the graphic below to get a full-sized, readable version.


  1. I just wanted to say that since i complained in Dec about there being other sports to report on besides football and basketball it is nice to see wrestling in the reports again!

  2. Brenda:

    Thanks for your note. The wrestling coverage comes courtesy of a wrestling parent, Michele Earl, who takes all the pictures and lets us use them, and the RaiderNet Daily staff.

    The economic downturn cost us our sports staff, so we rely on outside contributions to make this work. Any parent or coach is free to send us info, and we’ll use it, I guarantee it.

    One of the great places to get Fulton school sports info is RaiderNet Daily. The students in Len Senecal’s program do an outstanding job of getting the info in a timely manner.

    [It’s worth noting that Len was our first sports reporter, working part-time for us after teaching all day in our very early years. And Michele was a salesperson for us some years ago. But you don’t have to had worked here to send us info about sports or anything else.]

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