Random Acts of Kindness Storm Oswego County

OSWEGO, NY – Oswego County residents welcomed a different kind of storm this month, a flurry of kindness.

The Office of Business and Community Relations (OBCR) at SUNY Oswego would like to thank the community for participating in this year’s National Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Eighth grade Go.Do.Good.er Selena Byrne of Phoenix is caught in the act of a Random Act of Kindness with her friends Elayna Whitcomb (left) and Gabrielle Winks (right).
Eighth grade Go.Do.Good.er Selena Byrne of Phoenix is caught in the act of a Random Act of Kindness with her friends Elayna Whitcomb (left) and Gabrielle Winks (right).

Students from Fulton, Mexico, Phoenix and Oswego City school districts showed their spirit by performing small random acts of kindness for fellow students and their teachers.

On campus at SUNY Oswego, students, staff and faculty are all in on the fun as well this semester, promoting collaboration, kindness, and paying it forward in our community.

Each participating middle school had its own way of recognizing these good-doing bandits at its school.

“At EJD Middle School, in Phoenix, we asked homeroom teachers to pass out the cards on Tuesday,” said Raina Hinman. “We put an announcement on each day explaining how to use the cards (provided by OBCR). We also went online and found four kindness quotes to read over the loud speaker for morning announcements daily and to put on the TV system for the kids to see all day. We printed posters from www.randomactsofkindness.org and had students post them around the school.”

Other schools had varying rewards to promote the kind acts, such as Mexico where they drew names of Go.Do.Good bandits for ice cream tickets.

In Oswego, art teacher Erin Platten, a Go.Do.Good.er, designed and decorated the drop box for the cards. It has been a real collaborative effort.

Some examples of the kind acts performed included Oswego’s Brian who helped Juan learn how to skate at the skating event held at the Campus Center Arena that included all Oswego Middle School and SUNY Oswego students who are a part of the SUNY Mentor Scholar Program.

Another student from Oswego, Dakota, returned a personal book to a teacher that had her name in it, even though it wasn’t his teacher.

In Phoenix, Zach helped Jake study for a test, Rebecca helped Donovan make up missed work from an absence, Morgan shared lunch with Breanna, Lauren held a door for Megan, Jacob carried Seth’s binder, and DJ and Grace lent pencils.

Selena also gave her entire class candy and a pencil the day the cards were introduced, but it was planned before the cards were even announced.

Way to go Selena!

These are just a few examples of many that happened throughout Oswego County during National Random Acts of Kindness week.

With the help of Beth Hilton, executive director of the Greater Oswego-Fulton Chamber of
Commerce, chamber members all received Go.Do.Good cards to start their own campaigns personally and in their businesses.

It was a true community effort.

“We’re so pleased with our community’s participation in our Go.Do.Good. campaign,” said Tammy Elowsky, assistant director of OBCR. “We look forward to making it bigger and better next year with more community partners. It’s all about paying it forward and building our community. This collaborative environment will inspire our Community Incubator to thrive.”

For more information on thrive, Oswego County’s Community Incubator, initiative of Office of Business and Community Relations at SUNY Oswego, please contact OBCR at: [email protected]