RIley Family Math Night A Hit

OSWEGO – (Students + family) x fun = Charles E. Riley Elementary School’s recent Family Math Night.

Allanie White, Charles E. Riley Elementary fifth grader, hops on a mat to practice math skills on her way into Nestor Aviles’ classroom during the school’s recent Family Math Night.

That perfect equation was woven into each session across all grade levels, from kindergarten to grade six, as teachers worked on educating attendees about how math lessons are taught in each classroom and the various ways they engage students in learning math.

Kathryn McCrobie, Riley’s academic intervention service math teacher, said while the school hadn’t hosted a math night in a few years, the building staff members wanted to capitalize on an opportunity to share with families how much fun learning math material is at Riley. Students and their families were welcomed to two sessions, one ideally at their grade level and another grade level of their choosing.

In the fifth grade wing, teacher Nestor Aviles shared his love and joy for teaching math to his students.

Before each student entered his classroom with their family members, the children modeled how to use the math and movement mats in the hallway, which helped them practice multiplication and division facts.

An equivalent fraction chart was also hung in the hallway to give students a visual reminder of how to challenge themselves to find like fractions.

“We try to include fun games,” he said. “They imbed it in their brains, so they can use (lessons) throughout the day and at the grocery store, and more. It makes them think; you have to strategize.”

Fifth graders played an equivalent fraction game with their family members and tried a new math game on the SMART Board.

In the kindergarten session, the young students worked with number cards, while the first-grade session featured a number mat and game to help showcase their addition and/or subtraction knowledge.

Principal Linda Doty said the Family Math Night was an exciting way to get more families engaged in their students’ math education.