Ritchie Announces $3 Million For Local SUNY Schools

State Senator Patty Ritchie has announced she has secured $3 million in special funding to be split between SUNY Canton and SUNY Oswego that will allow the colleges to enhance learning by making much needed additions and upgrades.

“Our SUNY schools are where so many of our state’s best and brightest get the education they need to begin promising, rewarding careers that enable them to give back to our state and our region,” said Senator Ritchie “I’m thrilled to have been able to secure this funding, which will go a long way towards helping two of our local SUNY schools make the improvements necessary for offering top-notch educational opportunities to students.”

At SUNY Oswego, $1 million in funding will be used to construct three high-tech classrooms in the school of education that will help give future teachers real world experience and help to familiarize them with new types of technology to enhance learning.

Additionally, $500,000 in funding will be used to upgrade the college’s theatre; which is used by both the school and the community.

SUNY Canton will put $1 million in funding towards the rehabilitation of its dining center, the only one on campus which will be made handicapped accessible and host future community events.

And, $500,000 will go towards expanding the college’s nursing program, which recently had to cut its number of nursing students due to a lack of hospital internships, known as clinicals,  in the area.

The expansion will allow SUNY Canton to offer clinicals on campus.